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Reading and writing are the gateways to knowledge.

The PDCE literacy team helps K-12 teachers develop challenging, interesting curriculum that is critical for students to graduate college and be career ready. When schools and districts partner with us they receive support in

  • Implementing best practices in English Language Arts instruction
  • Designing flexible assessment systems
  • Integrate reading and writing across content areas
  • Aligning instruction with the Common Core State Standards
  • Meeting the needs of children learning English and students with disabilities


Our experienced team will help identify, facilitate, and sustain high quality learning in literacy. To assist our partner schools and districts, the PDCE can provide

  • Presentations and institutes about evidence-based practices in literacy;
  • Coaching support for teachers in using evidence-based practices in literacy;
  • Design and implementation support for response to intervention initiatives;
  • Training and coaching for small-group foundational skills instruction;
  • Training and coaching for genre-based writing instruction;
  • Training and coaching for knowledge-building read alouds;
  • Support for principals observing and providing feedback about literacy instruction;
  • Support for implementation of Bookworms Reading and Writing; and
  • Design and support for professional book studies.

Book Studies in Differentiated Literacy Instruction

Engaging Curriculum

Bookworms lesson materials and books.

The OER Bookworms curriculum, co-developed by Sharon Walpole, has helped improve reading skills for students in Delaware and beyond.

Students doing a writing assignment.

Our team partners with the Dept. of Education to support the implementation of CCSS through the Reading and Writing Project and other initiatives.

Teacher leading a reading lesson to a group of students.

We support teachers through co-planning, co-teaching, modeling, and video playback.

Meet the Team

Sharon Walpole

Madelyn Cooper
Limited-Term Researcher, Literacy

Jaime True Daley
Senior Associate Director, Literacy

Nicole Draper
Limited-Term Researcher, Literacy

Linda Grace
Limited-Term Researcher, Literacy

Sarah Mandalas
Instructional Specialist, Literacy

Erin McArthur
Limited-Term Researcher, Literacy

Sara Merkle
Instructional Specialist, Literacy

Tammy Steele
Instructional Specialist, Literacy

Aleta Thompson
Instructional Specialist, Literacy

Kim Wheedleton
Instructional Specialist, Literacy

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