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Bookworms K-5 Reading and Writing is an open-access literacy curriculum authored at the University of Delaware.

PDCE is pleased to support school-wide implementation of Bookworms K-5 Reading and Writing, an open-access literacy curriculum for kindergarten through grade 5.  The Bookworms curriculum operates with three 45-minute blocks: shared reading, interactive read-aloud or writing, and small-group, differentiated skills instruction. Students learn phonemic awareness, word recognition, vocabulary, and comprehension through highly interactive lessons in very brief instructional segments. This format provides more time for knowledge building.

Bookworms was originally authored by University of Delaware’s Sharon Walpole, Professor in the School of Education and Director of PDCE, and the late Michael C. McKenna, University of Virginia’s Thomas G. Jewell Professor of Reading. Walpole and McKenna’s work is centered around best practices in literacy research, and the belief that all students deserve high-quality literacy instruction. Walpole continues to refine the work thanks to a charitable contribution from the nonprofit Open Up Resources. The Bookworms curriculum is currently available through Open Up Resources’ website.

Professional Learning Services

PDCE is a one-stop shop for ongoing Bookworms professional learning.  First, we provide training in districts and schools so teachers can start strong. Next, we provide coaching for teachers, instructional coaches, and district and school leaders as they refine their understanding of the program. This combination of training and then coaching is a powerful system for building both teacher confidence and student achievement. We also help leaders understand the necessary conditions that support program implementation and build teacher expertise.

Bookworms Impact

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