Professional Development Center for Educators

pic of Faith Muirhead

Faith Muirhead, Ph.D.

Title: Senior Associate Director, Mathematics
Phone: 302-831-4490


Faith Muirhead, Ph.D. is a former secondary mathematics and physics teacher in NYC public schools, school administrator, and educational consultant for urban, rural, and suburban school districts. Dr. Muirhead has written professional development materials, taught for over a decade in both traditional and non-traditional teacher certification programs, worked as a mathematics coach, a coach for mentor teachers and coaches, and served as project director for the targeted MSPinNYC. Dr. Muirhead’s work has focused on high-needs schools in urban and rural contexts. Dr. Muirhead’s research and teaching at the university level has focused on developing prospective elementary teachers’ practice with a concentration on supporting typically underrepresented student populations. She spends significant amounts of time in elementary classrooms as well as schools identified as focus and priority.

She is committed to working to remove the obstacles at K-12, university, and policy levels that get in the way of teaching that provides equitable access to resources and opportunities for all students. As PI of the state-level MSP grant, Conceptual Teaching and Real Time Coaching in Mathematics Laboratory Classrooms, she oversees intense work in 11 high-needs secondary schools across rural and urban school districts in Delaware.

She is immersed in research and writing about a coaching philosophy she calls RealTime Coaching, where the coaching of both practicing and prospective teachers happens in the midst of teaching. Using three different perspectives of coaching (cognitive, content-focused, and instructional) she uses role-plays, rehearsals, and analyses of video in order to identify and explore the improving teaching and learning.  She is also collaborating on a book about how to support students to write in mathematics classrooms in order to learn content rather than just explain their processes.

In addition to her work at the PDCE, Dr. Muirhead currently teaches UD’s MATH 252 and serves as an advisor to several Ed.D. students at the University of Delaware.