Professional Development Center for Educators

Laura Willoughby

Title: Instructional Specialist, Mathematics


Laura discovered the world of math education as a field while working on her MS in Mathematics at Colorado State University. Mathematics curriculum was the topic of her thesis, and curricular materials remain a focus of her attention. She believes that students can increase their achievement in mathematics with a curriculum that supports students’ engagement and interest. For seven years, Laura has taught a variety of math and math education courses at multiple institutions of higher education, including UD. She also holds a grade 8-12 mathematics teaching certification and taught middle and high school math in Texas for a year. Having teaching experiences in four different states has given her a unique perspective about similarities and differences in math education in different settings. She is currently working towards earning a Ph.D. in Mathematics education with the focus of her dissertation on how mathematical tasks influence students’ interest. She is excited to be working at the PDCE where research and practice can be connected.