Professional Development Center for Educators

Erin McArthur

Title: Limited-Term Researcher


Erin McArthur is a Limited-Term Researcher at the PDCE.  She earned her M.Ed. in Literacy at the University of Delaware in May 2020.  Erin has spent the last seven years as a classroom teacher in a private school setting, teaching both second and third grade.  For the past five years, she has also served as an ELA Curriculum Lead for the Bookworms (K-5) Reading and Writing Program.  She has both supported and demonstrated effective implementation of the program in order to provide meaningful, evidence-based literacy instruction to young learners.  She has collaborated with teachers to systematically and strategically group students for data-driven, differentiated instruction that targets the needs and abilities of individuals.  She has supported teachers in accessing and navigating digital resources to facilitate instruction, as well as, troubleshooting ways to utilize technology in order to enhance learning.  Drawing on new knowledge from graduate coursework, Erin co-developed and presented professional development on Digital Literacies to her faculty and staff in August 2018.  She believes in the Bookworms curriculum and finds comfort in knowing that her own children will receive effective literacy instruction that is grounded in research.  Erin joined PDCE in order to work alongside professionals in the field to support the ongoing improvement, revision, and enhancement of evidence-based literacy instruction.