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Wilson_JackieJacquelyn O. Wilson, Ed.D., Wilmington College
Director, Professional Development Center for Educators and the Delaware Academy for School Leadership






Publicity Photo of Emily Amendum

Emily Amendum, M.Ed., University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Associate Director, Professional Development Center for Educators

Emily Amendum joined the Delaware Center for Teacher Education in 2013 after 17 years teaching students and coaching teachers in grades K-7 in North Carolina.  Most recently, Emily spent three years working with pre-service teachers at North Carolina State University.   In her years in the elementary and middle grades she worked in various roles:  classroom teacher, special education teacher, Reading Recovery teacher, Title 1 teacher, intervention specialist, Literacy Coach and SIOP coach.  Emily is Nationally Board Certified in Early and Middle Grades Literacy.  At DCTE, Emily will be involved in numerous university-school partnerships helping teachers implement research-based best practices in their literacy instruction.



???????????????????????????????????Patricia Dooling
Administrative Assistant II, Professional Development Center for Teacher Education




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Publicity Photo of Tom FernslerThomas Fernsler, Ph.D, The Pennsylvania State University
Associate Director, Professional Development Center for Educators

Dr. Thomas Fernsler, aka “Professor 13”, has successfully taught mathematics to students at all levels K-grad school.  His areas of professional interest include working with K-8 students and teachers, emphasizing a deeper understanding of mathematics content and demonstrating proven pedagogical techniques for the classroom. Tom enjoys sharing his extensive knowledge and experience gained from more than 30 years working with students and teachers from around the country.  His teaching style and participation in numerous funded projects at UD and other universities place him in a unique position to  help both teachers and students succeed in learning and understanding mathematics at all levels. Professor 13 is known world-wide and has been the subject of hundreds of media interviews (CNN, BBC, NBC, USA Today) focusing on his interest in triskaidekaphobia, the fear of the number 13, where he makes connections between the historical significance of 13, politics, and famous and infamous people.


Publicity Photo of Jon ManonJon Manon, Ph.D., University of Delaware
Associate Director, Professional Development Center for Educators

Director of the Mathematics & Science Education Resource Center from 2007 until its merger into the PDCE in 2014, Dr. Manon holds the rank of assistant professor within the School of Education with a secondary appointment in the University’s Department of Mathematical Sciences.  Jon has been providing professional development for K-12 teachers in mathematics for nearly two decades. He has served as Principal Investigator (PI) on numerous statewide projects and was instrumental in developing the original assessment system for school mathematics in Delaware.   Jon has a special interest in using classroom video as data to help support reflection on practice and has been teaching the use of problem-based curriculum materials to promote problem solving and critical reasoning for all students as described in the Mathematical Practices of the Common Core State Standards.



Faith Muirhead

Faith Muirhead, Ph.D., Michigan State University
Associate Director, Professional Development Center for Educators

Faith is a former secondary Mathematics and Physics teacher in NYC public schools, Project Director for the Math and Science Partnership in NYC (MSPinNYC), and an educational consultant for urban, rural, and suburban school districts. Faith has written professional development materials taught in both traditional and non-traditional teacher certification programs, worked as a mathematics coach, a coach for mentor teachers and coaches, and has focused on working with teachers in urban contexts. Faith’s teaching and research are interconnected and inform one another. She is interested in the role of the teacher educator in supporting teachers to learn to teach students mathematics. Her research has focused on the role and impact of written feedback in teaching, the ways teacher educators position teachers through feedback, and the impact of in-the-moment feedback during teaching episodes. Her research has also focused on the role context and professional identity play in supporting or stifling the teacher agency. Faith is committed to working to remove the obstacles at K-12, university, and policy levels that get in the way of teaching that provides equitable access to resources and opportunities for all students.


Fran O’Malley, EDD University of Delaware
Policy Scientist, Professional Development Center for Educators

Fran received his Doctorate of Education from the University of Delaware in 2013. He was Delaware’s 1997 State Teacher of the Year and is a James Madison Fellow. His interests are social studies curriculum development, constitutional studies, and civics education.  In addition to providing professional development for area educators in social studies, he teaches social studies methods and serves as a curriculum specialist for the Democracy Project Summer Seminar.  Recently he  supported teachers learning historical content and instructional strategies through three Teaching American History grants.



Amy Trauth-NareAmy Trauth-Nare, Ph.D., Indiana University Bloomington
Associate Director, Professional Development Center for educators

Amy is a former middle and high school science teacher who has worked with K-16 preservice and inservice teachers to improve science instruction and assessment. Among her most recent projects, Amy co-authored an environmental studies curriculum and implemented professional development for the Career and Technology Education program at the Maryland State Department of Education. Her research focuses on environmental education, science teacher education, and classroom assessment. Amy’s recent research in environmental education has focused on the study of effective methods for EE teacher preparation and the ways in which preservice teachers enact their mental models of the environment. Her research on classroom assessment focuses on formative assessment and classroom discourse, especially as it relates to the ways in which teachers and students position themselves in science learning. Amy’s work in science education is undergirded by issues of equity and diversity, specifically on the opportunities for meaningful participation in science for an increasingly diverse student population in K-12 schools.







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