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Student-centered learning strategies engage students in the kind of learning and exploration of ideas required by the Common Core Standards. Student-centered learning occurs in schools where the social curriculum and classroom culture are emphasized as the foundation of the academic curriculum.

Research demonstrates that at risk students have greater academic gains in schools that focus on the social curriculum alongside the academic curriculum.

Focusing on the five competencies identified by the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL), self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision making, the PDCE provides workshops based on the Research based Responsive Classroom approach to the social curriculum.

The PDCE can work with you and your school to develop a personalized approach to supporting your staff with the development of the social curriculum including the workshops below, individual observations and coaching, and providing consultation to assist your school with a plan for full school-wide implementation of strategies to develop the social curriculum.

2016 Responsive Classroom Summer Workshops:


Responsive Classroom Course (RCC)Responsive Classroom teaching practices help you to become a more effective teacher.  This course is interactive and highly practical. The research-based strategies shared during this 4-day entry level training will lead to engaging academic instruction, better classroom management, and positive learning communities.

RCAC is still OPEN!

Responsive Classroom Advanced Course (RCAC)Responsive Classroom focuses on teaching strategies for engaging academics and effective management.  This course is interactive and highly practical.  Prerequisite: Responsive Classroom Course completion.

For more information, visit the Responsive Classroom Course  page or click here for the information flyer.  Click here to register ONLINE.


Responsive Classroom Workshop Modules:

These workshops can be provided as week-long modules or as a series of professional learning community/staff meeting programs throughout the year.

Morning Meeting – This module focuses on starting each day transitioning children from home to the classroom setting.  In this workshop series teachers will:

  • Experience Morning Meeting as adult learners.
  • Watch Videos of Classrooms implementing Morning Meeting.
  • Develop an understanding of why each component of Morning Meeting is important.
  • Plan and implement Morning Meetings in their own classrooms.

Teaching Discipline in the ClassroomThis module will focus on the development of the Responsive Classroom approach to discipline.  The approach is designed to develop children’s self-control, increase their understanding about what positive behavior looks and sounds like, assist teachers in the development of skills to handle challenging behaviors.   In this workshop series teachers will:

  • Watch videos of teachers using the strategies in their classrooms.
  • Take part in structured discussions, reflection, and planning.
  • Gain practical knowledge that can be used in classrooms to set the foundation during the first six weeks of school.
  • Develop plans for implementation using the Rules in School: Teaching Discipline in the Responsive Classroom. 


Teacher Language for Engaged LearningTeachers will learn how to use positive teacher language to help children feel safe, respected, appreciated, and excited about learning.  This workshop will emphasize the need for teacher to attend to their choice of words and their impact on the culture of the classroom community contributing to a safe environment for learning.  In this workshop, teachers will:

  • Read the Power of Our Words: Teacher Language That Helps Children Learn.
  • See positive teacher language in a range of classrooms.
  • Discuss and reflect on learning
  • Plan and implement for how they will use positive language in their classrooms beginning in September.

Observation, Feedback and Coaching:

In addition to the workshops above schools can work with the PDCE to develop an observation and feedback component to support teachers in the implementation of the strategies learned.  Providing this support increases the positive impact that the workshops can have for a teacher and the students in her classroom.

Administrative Support:

PDCE facilitators will support the school’s administrative team by leading discussion groups focused on leadership webinars provided by Responsive Classroom, supporting book studies to support principals with the implementation and support of Discipline in Classrooms and Engaged Teacher Language.  We will also support the administrative team in the use of the Responsive Classroom assessment tools to conduct an evaluation of their school community and plan future areas of focus.

Contact Emily Poag to learn more about how the PDCE can help you strengthen the social curriculum in your classroom or school community. 

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