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Project CRISS


If you are looking for the reform initiative to integrate the Common Core into your school system, then Project CRISS is a good choice for you. Project CRISS (CReating Independence through Student-owned Strategies) is a practical means to achieve the goals and expectations specified in the College and Career Readiness Anchor Standards and the English Language Arts Common Core State Standards.

We provide Frameworks for Teaching and Learning with research foundation embedded in enlightening activities and common language. A PDCE certified CRISS trainer models instructional practices that are necessary for students’ self-directed learning.

Because Project CRISS is not a specific program, but rather an approach to teaching and learning, it can be used with content material from different disciplines, which leads to cross-curricular applications.

The introductory 12-18 hour workshop is the foundation for all Project CRISS implementation efforts. However, follow-up is the real benefit of implementing school-wide Project CRISS. PDCE will collaborate with you and your teachers through individual observations, coaching, and consultation in order to custom design a follow-up protocol specific to the needs of your school teams.

For more information, contact Deborah Fetzer at dmfetzer@udel.edu

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