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PDCE is committed to advancing the status and quality of social studies education through professional and curriculum development, coaching, grant writing assistance, research, and evaluation.

Our multi-award winning staff and extensive engagement in professional, curriculum and assessment development at the state and national levels position PDCE to deliver the highest quality support in the area of social studies education.

We work with schools and districts to help:

  • Advance the status and quality of social studies instruction and assessment.
  • Locate and develop resources for teachers.
  • Identify, create and disseminate instructional materials aligned with state and national content standards.
  • Deliver quality professional development.
  • Keep educators informed about the latest developments in social studies.
  • Adapt to new initiative including Common Core.

Partnerships and Sessions

PDCE social studies staff can support your institution through year-long partnerships, workshops and sessions that focus on topics that can benefit you the most, including:

  • Integrating Common Core into your curriculum
  • Developing standards-based instruction and assessment
  • coaching
  • Teaching disciplinary literacy
  • Support for grant writing
  • Implementing enrichment programs that engage students and families 

Schools and districts are invited to contact staff to discuss partnership ideas and arrangements best suited to local needs.

For more information or to schedule a partnership, contact Fran O’Malley: fomalley@udel.edu


PDCE’s Social Studies providers are experienced educators, each having more than 10 years of experience working with educators to change teaching practices and student performance, both in Delaware and nationally.  In addition, our professional development providers are currently working on projects relating to:

  • Social Studies Coalition of Delaware.
  • Delaware Recommended Curriculum.
  • Social Studies Assessment, Curriculum, and Assessment Project (Council of Chief State School Officers).
  • Delaware Historical Society and History Day.
  • Disciplinary literacy.
  • Delaware Law-Related Education Project (Project Citizen and High School Mock Trials).

Such experience gives our providers valuable insight into shifts in practice that need to be developed, as well as the kinds of thinking and learning that students will be responsible for in order to demonstrate mastery of state and national social studies standards.

Martin Luther King Day Teaching Activities

The following resources engage students in texts relating to Dr. Martin Luther King and his work. The activities are designed to support mastery of social studies and literacy standards.

Social Studies Research Lessons

PDCE and middle and high school social studies teachers in Red Clay and Colonial School districts partnered to develop a series of civics and history lessons for grades 8-12.  Please follow this link to access the lessons.

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