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At the PDCE, our goal is to work side-by-side with teachers to provide partnerships for improving and enhancing science and engineering teaching in K-12 classrooms. Our support, targeted to your needs, can help you make sense of issues and opportunities in teaching science and engineering.

Partnerships take many forms: one-on-one mentorship with individual teachers, supportive coaching in professional learning communities, targeted workshops and ongoing professional development.

Developing and implementing instruction aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards represents grand challenges and opportunities to K-12 classroom teachers. At the PDCE, we believe these new standards have the potential to reinvigorate the field of science and engineering education, and we’re poised to provide support. We help teachers, schools and districts make sense of the NGSS and align their curriculum and assessment systems with the standards.

Our professional development is not one-size-fits-all, but rather carefully customized to the particular needs of each partner. We provide research-based teaching strategies that are practical, so teachers can directly implement them in their classrooms.

PDCE Science staff is able to:

  • Provide content or pedagogy workshops on particular disciplinary science and science education topics
  • Offer ongoing professional development related to science and engineering education, including Engineering is Elementary and Project Lead the Way
  • Work side-by-side with teachers to develop engaging NGSS-aligned science and engineering instruction
  • Expand teachers’ knowledge of valid and reliable formative, summative and performance assessments
  • Support the data-driven decision making of professional learning communities
  • Coaching and mentoring classroom teachers and instructional leaders
  • Maximizing students’ science learning at informal sites such as museums, nature centers and in a school’s outdoor space.

Additionally, in collaboration with the Delaware Science Coalition and the Delaware Department of Education, we design and implement large scale programs of professional development for Delaware’s elementary, middle and high school math and science teachers.  See STEM page for details.

PDCE Science Education Provider

Amy Trauth-Nare, Ph.D., is the Associate Director for Science Education at UD’s PDCE.

Dr. Trauth-Nare is a former middle and high school science teacher who has experience working with both novice and experienced teachers across the K-12 grade span. She has expertise in classroom assessment, student-centered science inquiry, STEM integration, environmental education and project-based learning. Dr. Trauth-Nare is passionate about research-based science teaching methods that are practical for K-12 teachers in real classrooms. She strives to support K-12 teachers in enhancing their teaching methods and in making instructional decisions based on data.

For more information or to schedule a partnership, contact Amy Trauth-Nare, Ph.D. at anare@udel.edu or 302-831-4817


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