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For mathematics educators, transitioning to a new generation of national and state standards can be a daunting task. PDCE Mathematics can assist schools and districts as they address the instructional and assessment shifts necessary to meet the new standards.

The Delaware Department of Education recently identified three instructional shifts required by the Common Core State Standards – a strong focus on the standards; coherence across grades with links to topics within grade levels; and strict adherence to rigor, including the three components of conceptual understanding, procedural skill & fluency, and applications.

Regardless whether a school or district’s mathematics professional development concerns focus on mathematics content, pedagogy, coaching or professional learning communities, PDCE Mathematics will bring to the table 20 years of experience serving the schools and districts of Delaware and the greater mid-Atlantic region.

PDCE Mathematics is particularly adept at seeing results in areas including:

  • Mathematics Content for K-5 teachers in Numbers, Operations & Algebraic Thinking, Measurement & Data and Geometry
  • Mathematics Content for 6-8 teachers in Ratio & Proportional Relationships, Expressions & Equations, Geometry and Statistics & Probability
  • Mathematics Content for 9-12 teachers in Number & Quantity, Algebra, Functions, Modeling, Geometry and Statistics
  • Mathematics Pedagogy for K-12 teachers, using the Common Core State Standards Mathematical Practices
  • Content-Focused Coaching for K-12 teachers, using research-based protocols

Additionally, professional development will be customized to meet the needs of individual schools/districts, providing teachers with strategies to immediately implement in their classrooms

Partnerships and Programs

  • Year-Long Partnerships: Our Mathematics providers offer teachers support to design and implement evidence-based instructional practices for mathematics.We assist you in developing practices that impact student performance positively through activities that engage teachers in furthering their understandings about mathematics and the teaching of mathematics, especially as it relates to implementation of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. These activities can include observing and providing feedback as we construct a plan together to address the needs of your school/district.While the typical year-long partnership is eight days, a longer or shorter partnership can be developed.
  • Workshops: Workshops are available to schools and districts on a range of math-related topics. The following indicates some of the year-long and multi-year programs currently supported by PDCE Mathematics:
      • Customized elementary and secondary mathematics content training
      • Content-Focused Coaching in Mathematics
      • Mathematics Instructional Support Team
      • Elementary Mathematics Teacher Leader Project
      • New Normal Mathematics Partnership Project

UD PDCE Mathematics members can design and present professional development experiences in mathematics content (K-12), current best instructional practices and mathematics-focused coaching, or develop specific professional development activities tailored to your school or district needs.

Topics are tailored to meet the specific needs of your school. Contact Jon Manon (jonmanon@udel.edu) or Faith Muirhead (muirhead@udel.edu) to begin your teachers’ journey toward enhanced understanding of math content and pedagogical skills, and increased student achievement in mathematics.


PDCE’s professional development providers in mathematics include UD faculty as well as classroom master teachers.

PDCE Mathematics has been affiliated with the following funded professional development projects: 

    • Delaware Exemplary Mathematics Curricula Implementation Project
    • School-Based Teacher Leader Project
    • Mathematics Partnership Project
    • Mathematics-Science Partnership
    • Mathematics Instructional Support Team

Additionally, in collaboration with the Delaware Math Coalition and the Delaware Department of Education, we design and implement large scale programs of professional development for Delaware’s elementary, middle and high school math and science teachers.  See STEM page for details.

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