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English Language Arts

Advising educators

To assist educators to navigate the demands of new Common Core ELA standards, PDCE offers schools and districts a variety of professional development options.

Our ELA professional development providers create partnerships with schools and districts. Each partnership’s purpose is to increase teachers’ reading and/or writing instructional effectiveness, not only in English/language arts classrooms but also in classrooms across the discipline areas. Each partnership is tailored to meet the specific needs of the school’s or district’s teachers.

We can provide guidance on a wide spectrum of topics, including:  

Literacy Instruction

  • Implementing a comprehensive language/early literacy program
  • Aligning ELA instruction to the Common Core standards
  • Developing vocabulary


  • Developing instructional strategies for teaching informational texts
  • Implementing guided reading
  • Comprehending text through close reading and effective questioning


  • Aligning districts’ core writing curriculum with the CCSS
  • Using mentor texts to teach the three types of writing
  • Implementing a writing program consistent with the CCSS


  • Analyzing data to plan instruction
  • Understanding the basic tenents of the Smarter Balanced ELA assessments
  • Creating and scoring new assessments that align to CCSS and SBAC

Partnerships and Programs

  • Year-Long Partnerships: Our ELA providers offer teachers support to design and implement evidence-based reading and/or writing instructional practices. We assist you in developing practices that impact student performance positively through such activities as observations, modeling, lesson feedback, co-planning, and/or co-teaching. While the typical year-long partnership is eight days, a longer or shorter partnership can be developed.  
  • Workshops: Workshops are available to schools and districts on a range of reading- and writing-related topics. A few examples include:
    • Academic Vocabulary
    • Disciplinary Writing
    • Effective Questioning Strategies
    • How to Develop a Writing Program Aligned to CCSS

Topics are tailored to meet the specific needs of your school. Contact Emily Poag(emilyp@udel.edu) to learn more about our programs.


Our English Language Arts specialists have many years of experience in classrooms and schools.  They have worked as classroom teachers, literacy specialists, and coaches.   In addition, our ELA specialists are affiliated with:

  • The National Writing Project
  • Delaware Reading Cadre
  • Reading Cadre Steering Committee
  • Delaware Literacy Coalition
  • Smarter Balanced assessments

Such experience gives our providers valuable insight into shifts in practice that need to be developed, as well as the kinds of reading, writing, thinking and learning that students will be responsible for in order to demonstrate mastery of required standards.

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