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If your school values relevant curriculum, twenty-first century life skills and authentic assessments, Project Based Learning can help.

We  provide a rewarding framework that helps teachers and students grapple with real-life challenges while mastering rigorous content standards and developing college and career readiness skills in every subject.

A PDCE trainer will meet with school leaders to design the most appropriate training program, time frame and outcomes for your school. We then provide training and coaching in proven PBL practices with a wealth of national, regional and local supports.

Content area coaches help each participant design and improve one engaging, 2-3 week project focused on:

  • rigorous academic standards  (Core Curriculum Content Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, current DE State Curriculum Standards)
  •  21st century skills (Critical Thinking, Creativity, Communication & Collaboration) 
  • developing character skills to educate the whole child – Enduring habits of mind (i.e. Persisting, Managing Impulsivity, Thinking Interdependently, etc.). 

Our trainers will model specific proven methods of good PBL throughout the training. Participants have virtual access to trainers/coaches as they prepare to launch initial projects.

  • Participants will launch projects during school year. 
  • Trainers and coaches will visit your school/classrooms during and after the roll-out of the projects to help your teachers and administrators reflect on, analyze and fine tune your designs mid-way or for future applications and future projects.  
  • We will meet with school leaders to determine what is needed to sustain a PBL “culture” at your school, including orienting/training new staff members in the future.

For more information, contact:  Frank Livoy at


Frank Livoy was a high-school teacher of English Language Arts and Special Education in DE and PA for 29 years and has been a PBL trainer for 15 years. He has trained hundreds of educators in DE, NJ, PA, NY, OH and GA in the Buck Institute for Education’s methods in standards-focused, project-based learning.

PDCE relies on current, rigorous research in selecting what it trains educators in as well as how we train educators. Each of our content coaches is an experienced classroom teacher in that subject and a highly trained provider of professional development.

As a long-time resident of the DE education community, PDCE looks to build long-term collegial relationships with each of its school partners.

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