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Project-Based Learning


If your school values relevant curriculum, twenty-first century life skills and authentic assessments, Project-Based Learning can help.

Project Based Learning places each student at the ignition point of the learning process by challenging them and their instructors to reflect, research, explore, investigate, test, redefine, create and evaluate questions of import in their own lives that also address key curricular concepts and demand them to acquire, develop and demonstrate essential skills for competence well beyond their school experience.

In a series of workshops, a coach from PDCE – each a former k-12 educator — will demonstrate proven, research-based methods for designing engaging projects for students at each grade level.  Modeling what should go on in a good PBL classroom, the PBL coach works closely with each educator as their design unfolds, and involves all educators in an on-going collegial dialog of supportive and instructive feedback about their evolving work.  Focusing on content standards, 21st century college and career readiness skills, and solid habits of mind, the PBL design process demands that educators measure regularly for the new 4 R’s of essential education: Rigor, Relevance, Relationships and Resilience.

Having guided hundreds of educators throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond, the PBL coaching staff at PDCE will help both novices and experienced PBL’ers both avoid common pitfalls and discover a rich library of valuable PBL resources.  We will also encourage each participant to stay in contact with us and become part of a regional collaborative to support the growth of PBL in our schools in all subjects.  Our ultimate vision is to create a self-sustaining system that teaches and develops PBL use at all levels. Please contact Deb Denson-Thompson at ddenson@udel.edu  if you would like more information.


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