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May 2015 Newsletter

Welcome to the Professional Development Center for Educators

PDCE’s experienced staff provides professional development services customized to meet the needs of participating schools and districts.

Ending the School Year with Grace

Now that the weather is warmer, children and teachers’ thoughts turn to the less structured days of summer. While most children are excited, others may feel uncertain about the changes summer brings.
Wise teachers know that this transition can be as challenging as the start of a school year.  School may be a secure place, in contrast to home—where a child’s routine may be inconsistent, meals may not be on a schedule, and they may not have a consistent reliable adult responsible for them. Other children may worry about leaving friends at the end of the year, making new friends in September, or the challenge of adjusting to a new teacher. Read more…

Responsive Classroom Workshops

Teaching Perspective “Out There”

During our Teaching American History workshops, teachers revealed that their students often struggle to understand how there can be conflicting but accurate accounts describing a single event. How is it possible that there are different views of say…a major battle in American history.  Part of the explanation lies in a student’s inability to grasp the concept of perspective–an expectation embedded in Delaware History Standard 3. Read more...

The Next Generation Science Standards in Focus

The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) outline eight practices deemed essential to students’ learning in science and engineering. Engaging students in these practices supports their learning of core ideas and crosscutting concepts that span both disciplines.Rather than leading students to believe there is only one universal scientific method to making discoveries or extending our knowledge in science and engineering, the writers of the NGSS intentionally framed a set of flexible, applicable practices that mirrors the work of scientists and engineers. Read more…

Summer Camps for Children

To enhance children’s reading and writing skills, PDCE offers four summer camps for children K-12.



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