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Professional Development Center for Educators


MSERC math shelf

The Delaware Center for Teacher Education and the PDCE offer an array of resources to assist educators, making available textbooks, lesson plans, manipulative, and training sessions.

Education Resource Center (Willard Hall Education Building)

The ERC provides preschool through grade 12 curriculum resources and related services for the preparation and professional development of educators in support of national and Delaware content and performance standards.


Teachers Education @ UD website

Teacher Education @UD is a resource for those interested in pursuing a career in education and for the faculty and staff involved in the professional education programs. Here you can find information on:

Common Core State Standards Resources

An extensive list of resources to assist educators in understanding and implementing the Common Core State Standards.

Support for Military Families

To help educators address the needs and concerns of military families, we have compiled a list of resources designed to support military children’s education and their development.


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