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The Professional Development Center for Educators  is designed to meet the professional development needs of the K-12 education community. We provide high quality professional learning experience for educators in the core subjects of English language arts, math, science and social studies, in instructional approaches (e.g., problem-based/project-based learning), and in social learning. We have two divisions of support for districts and schools: Professional Development Partners (PDP) and the Delaware Academy for School Leadership (DASL).

Professional Development Partners

Our focus is on supporting teachers’ use of practices that support all students’ learning of the appropriate content standards.  We form partnerships with teachers to help them meet the challenges of educating all their 21 century learners.

We begin by acquiring information on your specific school, determining a Needs Assessment, Program Delivery, Goals and District Support. Based on these data, we plan your ongoing professional development experiences for Core Subjects or Instructional Practices.

We can help teachers diversify their instruction; align their curriculum and classroom instruction to standards; plan and implement instruction aligned with the new generation of assessments and instruction. We deliver information, co-plan and co-teach lessons and units of study, and coach in classrooms.

Recognizing the financial constraints schools and districts face, the PDCE participates in cost sharing and supporting districts with grants we have received and other state funding.

For more information on developing a partnership, please contact:


Delaware Academy for School Leadership

Our focus is on supporting the preparation and continued professional growth of school leaders as they lead schools and districts. We form partnerships to develop and support school and district leaders.

We begin by meeting with the district or school team to acquire information and to determine professional development needs and priorities. We collaborate with the school or district team to determine the level of support and the DASL staff most suitable to provide the services. Based on our planning meeting, we develop a scope of work that identifies how DASL will provide ongoing professional development experiences and services.

We have expert staff that can help districts develop teacher leadership skills and knowledge in leading professional learning communities or to lead professional development. We can also collaborate with the district/school to identify and prepare teachers interested in the position of assistant principal and provide a program that leads to state certification. We can also provide professional development to transition assistant principals to the role of principal and principals and district office administrators for the responsibilities of assistant superintendent and superintendent. We also work with school teams to identify school improvement priorities and to provide extra-time programs. We provide high quality coaching services for teams or individual administrators and assist with strategic planning and school board governance.  Recognizing the financial constraints schools and districts face, DASL participates in cost-sharing and supporting districts with grants we have received and other state funding.

All pricing is individualized based on the specific needs of the school district.  Please contact any of the PDCE staff if you are interested in a partnership with the Professional Development Partners or the Delaware Academy for School Leadership.


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