Professional Development Center for Educators

About Us

Teachers working and planning together

UD’s Professional Development Center for Educators within the
College of Education and Human Development
works closely with teachers and administrators to carefully craft services that meet the particular needs of schools and school districts.

PDCE is designed to meet the professional development needs of the K-12 education community in the core subjects of English language arts, math, science and social studies and instructional approaches (e.g., project-based learning, social learning).

We build teachers’ content knowledge and their knowledge of evidence-based instructional practices.  We form partnerships with schools to help them educate all learners. We share information, co-plan and co-teach lessons and units of study, and coach in classrooms.

We can help teachers:

  • build their instructional repertoire; align their curriculum and classroom instruction to standards; understand the requirements of the new generation of assessments;
  • understand the relationship between literacy development and instruction for young readers and writers;
  • teach students how to read and write in discipline areas;
  • understand the relationship between conceptual understanding and procedural fluency in mathematics;
  • unpack the Next Generation Science Standards;
  • plan standards-aligned social studies units;
  • plan and implement project-based or problem-based learning experiences;